A push to center the DIA community around Discord

Hi fellow Dia-ooors,

It would be awesome if the majority DIA community would reside on Discord. From experience is discord a more nuanced medium of communication of the team.

I’ll hope the market/comms team picks this up. Would make for a more thriving flourishing online DIA community.

Hey there! and welcome to the DIA DAO forum :slight_smile:

It’s a fair point you are bringing up. Until now, the DIA Discord was mainly used as a communication tool for developers and dev related projects. In the last weeks, we have been focused on building the infrastructure (mods, channels, integrations, bots, etc) to make the DIA Discord Server, the go-to tool for DAO communication, organisation and execution.

I can already let you know that we are at the final stages of completion and we are looking into finally opening the server to community members. When ready, the Discord Server will be DIA’s main communication tool for DIA’s primary stakeholder groups: DAO contributors (tech and non-tech focused), community members and validators.

We will also start hosting more community events and initiatives within the Discord server. So watch this space :slight_smile:

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Hi, i know its off topick, but didnt find how to send direct message to Mikel.
Can you explain, how new DIA tokens are released, from jul 2 2021 to jul 1 2022, there are +32mil new tokens released, thats allmost 100% token increasement.
Plz dont ignore, dont want to see this snowballing into something big and nasty.